About Us

City Property (Glasgow) LLP provide for the management, development and disposal of Glasgow City Council’s Non Operational Surplus Land and Property Assets as well as providing management services for the Council’s longer term commercial ground leases.

The diverse property services provided to the Council and other ALEOs include:

Valuation Services

City Property (Glasgow) LLP currently undertakes the following valuation services on behalf of the Council:

• Overage Provision
• Asset Valuations
• Compulsory Purchase
• Agent for Rating Appeals
• Acquisitions
• Nominated Disposals

Acting on behalf of Glasgow City Council, the Valuation Team ensures the entries in the Valuation Roll for the Council’s Property Portfolio are fair and reasonable and no errors/material changes have occurred. In the event an error/material change occurs, City Property appeals the Rating Valuation acting as agents for Glasgow City Council.

Asbestos Services

City Property controls and manages Glasgow City Council’s Corporate Asbestos Database, which provides information on asbestos material that has been identified in Council and its wider family properties. The work of the team includes carrying out surveys, sampling techniques and identification of potential hazards with associated works.

Demolition Services

City Property currently undertakes a planned programme of demolition on behalf of Glasgow City Council. These are properties the Council no longer considers viable and all alternatives have been exhausted. Cleared sites are then brought to the market for disposal and/or development.

Insurance Inspections

City Property undertakes the following;

• Unoccupied operational inspections
• Risk Control survey
• Fire reporting, making safe, reinstatement
• Loss Control
• Insurance Reinstatement Valuations
• Operational property advice
• Valuations (reinstatement assessments)

Registered Office:
City Property (Glasgow) LLP
Exchange House
229 George Street
G1 1QU
Company No.: SO302223

City Property (Glasgow) LLP
Telephone: 0141 270 3111
Email: info@citypropertyglasgow.co.uk